The Problem

For the Industry:

  • Not enough capital introduction professionals ensconced within the prime brokerage operations at the banks and brokers for all the funds looking for help

For Managers:

  • The size of the manager and the nature of the strategy often fail to motivate the prime broker to take up the gauntlet for the fund
  • Smaller managers can’t manage the portfolio and sell to investors at the same time without performance suffering
  • Thousands of investors out there to reach. Far too many for any one or two people to contact

For Investors:

  • A decades old process of materials dissemination and follow up by cap intro teams completely monopolizes investors’ days
  • The lack of visibility on noteworthy smaller managers. Potentially attractive managers are not showcased to investors
  • No investor has the time to hunt for these managers amongst the morass of existing databases

Cap Intro Solutions’ Answer

Cap Intro Solutions, LLC (CIS) has streamlined the capital introduction process in a way that:

  • Allows it to be offered economically to even the most cost-conscious manager
  • Gives CIS the chance to show investors managers that will never be presented by prime brokers
  • Cuts down on the need for investors to deal with external marketers

CIS uses a proprietary, in-house system to:

  • Match funds to investor inquiry based on the investor’s parameters
  • Distribute the relevant manager information to the investor
  • Solicit an opinion from the investor electronically with no hassle