The CIS Investor Universe

The CIS investor universe is based solely in North America, with the exception of those investors with operations overseas where responsibilities for certain strategies may lie with personnel outside of North America.

CIS breaks the investor universe down into two primary wealth management categories, private and institutional. The sub-categories and percentage of the overall universe of well over 1,000 investors as of the beginning of 2022 is as follows:

  • Private wealth management (53.2%) –
    • 28.6% Wealth managers (RIAs, Private banks, trust depts., brokers)
    • 16.8% Single family offices
    • 7.9% Multi-family offices
  • Institutional wealth management (46.8%) –
    • 20.6% Pensions, endowments, and foundations
    • 16.0% Fund-of-funds
    • 10.1% Institutional consultants and OCIO’s